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From stay-at-home mom of 5 kids to homeless and working out of my van to building sites and sales funnels for brand names like William Shatner, The Allman Brothers, Brendon Burchard, Jim Rohn, Mel Robbins, and SUCCESS Magazine, my passion has continued to be bringing excellence and integrity to the world of digital marketing. 

Barriers to entry are at an all-time low for aspiring entrepreneurs and ministers. I want to make sure successful online marketing is doable for people who love to learn and grow and have a passion for making the world better! You can overcome all those obstacles you think are keeping you from succeeding online. Let me help. 
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Chapter 1: The Creation
I was into everything when I went to college. I took a ton of different classes trying to find the right fit. You know those personality tests that are supposed to help you find your perfect career path? Yeah, I took those. I ended up right down the middle of the brain. The suggestions were on the far end of spectrums - computer programmer or artist. 

I discovered it mattered who was in the program with me. The people around you matter. Music, ministry and computers - that's where I landed. These were my people. SOME how I ended up taking a web design class and falling in love with the perfect blend of right and left brain! I get to help and work with my favorite people! 
Chapter 2: The Beginning
Through all of that searching I knew one thing - I wanted to be a mom. So I became one - five times over! And they are awesome. It was a good choice. Web design became a vehicle that helped me support our family and still stay home with them. 

It helped me when everything fell apart and I found myself divorced and homeless. I was able to make enough money to keep alive by working outside the local McDonald's, using their internet to create my business all over again. I rebuilt, bootstrapping it all the way. 

I learned how to invest in myself and my business to overcome every obstacle, and I want to help you do the same. Let your passion carry you and grow your business. Partner with your people and help them do the same. 
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